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Our staff is Composed of Reserves ,Retired former Military, and Civilian Personel, from all Levels and Branches of the Services, Nation Wide including, the Air force, Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Border Patrol , County Sheriffs,  State and Local Law Enforcement Officers, NSA, DOD, FBI,  CIA,  And Federal Marshals.


Recruitment and Selection

     W RECRUIT And RETAIN ONLY, THE CREAM of THE CROP.......HAND PICKED PROFESSIONALS,... AND THE BEST of THE BEST!.... AND MOST HIGHLY  TRAINED- IT TECHNICIANS, MOTIVATED OFFICERS  AGENTS, AND OPERATIVES, ENSURES QUALITY PERSONEL, AT EVERY LEVEL  OF OUR COMPANY......{ IF THIS IS YOU}, THEN STEP UP TO THE PLATE!...  You Are What We Are Looking For.... IF YOU THINK, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!... TO GET THE JOB DONE, And the Heart , The Mind The Determination, The Discipline , The Skills Self Motivation and Ambition, To Help us Build A Great Company,... WHERE EVER ITS AT!,... To Meet The New Challenges of The 21st Century, To Develope Our Culture, And Mind Set of, BEING THE BEST AT WHAT WE DO..... WHAT EVER IT TAKES!... And is Prepared To Make The Necessary Sacrifices, to Constantly Deliver Supreme and Professional Services To Our Clients, and Ready (TO TURN OUR MISSION, INTO YOUR REALITY), and Make The Mental Shift , From The Battle Field, To Guard and Security Operations,From Guard Duty To the Boardroom, To A Business Man, or Business Woman, and To Be of Service, To Our Organization and its Affiliates,... We Need You Then!...   Every One of Our Technicians  Instructors Managers and Officers and Agents, Are Members of The  (Independent Security Contractors  Association of America), all Sworn Professionals to the Oath of {This GREAT NATION}, and to the Industry, Not Everyone Can Meet Our Tough Standards!... Many People Call, But Only a Select few Are Chosen, This Allows Our  (Clients), Only The Best and Brightest Minds, in The field Today! This Makes Our Services... SUPREME, to All Others ,We are looking Out for The National and Community Needs of Our Customers. and We provide, Continuous Comprehensive Business Education and Security Management Training, and Provide an Excellent Compensation Package, Across The Board!!  Our Impressive Client Retention Rate, World Wide, Speaks for itself. 


  the    NATIONAL SECURITY ASSOCIATION, is Always on the Look Out for Talented Professionals to Join Our Ever Growing Team. its your turn, if You Have The focus and Determination,And You Are A Winner, We Have Everything You Need to SucceedIf you are Properly Credentialed, in the Security Industry, Covert Black- Operations, Counter Terrorism, k-9  Operations, Security Management and Assessments, Telecommunication Systems, and Have Your Instructor Certifications and Extensive Experience, in These fields of Operations and More, and is Interested  Working in a Exciting Environment, and You can Articulate That fact,... AND ONLY IF YOU POSSES THE ABILITY, TO FOLLOW  DIRECTIONS, AND TAKE POSITIVE INSTRUCTION, AND FOLLOW THROUGH TO COMPLETION!}->A  Winner Never Quits,..And a Quitter Never Wins, This is Your First Test!.......Listen-Up->(We Are Special Forces)- We Are A Group of Proud and Distinguished Veterans, And Civilians, Men and Women,  We Are Honored and Appreciate Your Dedication!... for Your Service To Our Country, and Recognize Your Special Talents!  We Want You in The Private Sector, To Help Us Assemble and Build The Best Operational Management Teams, And Security Support Services and Systems in The Country, To Help Our Clients Recieve The Best, Security Services in the Industry To Date, And For You-> THE BEST MONETARY COMPENSATION PLAN IN THE MARKET!.... For Your Hard Work, Dedication, Talent and Professionalism.   Candidates....... Please forward Your Resume With a Copy of Your- (DD-214)- if You have One, and Positive identification, to the E-Mail Address Provided, and Take Command of Your future Today, Thank You, and Good Luck! 

Email: sealteam6@homelandnationalsecurity.com

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