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       Welcome to the  NATIONAL SECURITY ASSOCIATION, Our Companies Provides, Tactical and Strategic Security Solutions,And its Industry Leading Intergrated Services to Local, Regional and National  Customers,.... Our Mission is to Build the Most Thorough, Security Consulting Firm in the World, and Add Value To Our Customers And Clients Through Our Professional Services And To Deracinate inferior Customer Service........Our Vision is To Bring A Military Style Support Base, Mission Capable of Special Officers, Trained Equipped And Ready To Go, To Meet And Beat Our Clients, Global Requirements, Across The full Spectrum of Security Operations, and To Ensure All Three Components Work As A Fully Intergrated Team. And it Takes Exceptional and Extraordinary Security Personel , to Achieve this Goal And Provide These Services. We are Able And Willing To Support and Achieve, Our Clients Objectives, in Specific Regions in The World. We Train Corporate Personel, in The Critical Components of Business leadership, and Changing Market Scenarios, The Military Police, in the Latest Techniques and  force Protection, Strategic Security, Counter Terrorism, and Intelligence Analyst. What Makes Homeland National Security Center different?.... Our People, Their Local  knowlege of The terrain, And Consultative Approach Ensures,You Get Highly Trained Security and Effective Security Solutions Tailored, for Your Specific Business Needs.  We are a Team of Experienced, Highly Trained Educated Professionals, Who Have Diverse Security Expertise in, Threat and Vulnerability Identification, facility Assessment and Penetration Testing, Covert Operations, and Other Security Consultant Specialties,by focusing on Our Mission and Building Great Services, We Believe We Will Create The Most Value for Our Customers, and Partners Over The Long Term, and This in Turn Will Enable Us To Keep Attracting The Best People and Building More Great Services.   Our Men and Women, are Passionate About There fields, of Endeavours.  Manageing and Securing our Clients,  Assets, World Wide is Our Number One Goal.  We are a Service company to help Your Business and Community NeedsWe Have Been Delivering Value and Education, Beyond Expectations to fortune 500 Companies, Private, federal, State, and City Governments Nationwide for The Last 30 Years, and We Deliver a Signature Performance Each and Every Time.                     Established in 1976 to Respond to Our Clients Ever Changing,Real News and Information Services, Transportation, Telecommunications,Property Management,and Professional Security Services, and Training Needs, We Pride Ourselves for The Hallmark of Our Success, With Dedication To Getting The Job Done Right The first Time. Our number #1 Priority is to Bring Our Clients, Superior  Protective Services...We are Here to Serve You...Our Customers! We are That Rare Gem, in The Western World.      Should You Become Dissatisfied With Your Present Security Provider, or Just Looking for added Peace of Mind. We are The One Company Capable, of Handling all Your Needs!.....Security you can trust, We offer a full range of custom solutions,to satisfy the unique needs of your Law Enforcement,Private, Military, Public  Safety Company, Department or Agency, We are a Major provider to peacekeeping forces, Around The World, We Have Professionaly Trained, Clean-Cut Military Veterans  Officers, and State of the Art Equipment at Competitive Prices. and always Keep This in Mind, With Your Procurement Practices, While Purchasing, Contract Security Guard and Training Services, That Good Security is Never Cheap, and Cheap Security is Never Good!....if You Want The Best, We are The Company You Need. So if You should Ever Become Interested in Our Elite Professional Services, Please Give Us a Call , or  Go to the Contact Page and Fill Out The Form,... To See if We Are Available, To Accept Your Mission!... Together We Can Secure Businesses Agencies and Communities Across America And The World,  And Thank You So Much.


Dr. Ronisha A. Johnson  Ph.d / MBA/MS.c

Dr. Nirmalya Bhowmich Ph.d
 Executive Director
Mr. Norman Lewis
Director of Transportation
Southern California

Mr. William Paul III
 Senior Account Manager Executive Protection

Ms. Freda Q. Alexandria
Executive Secretary
Mr. Henry A. Harris
Business Manager
Branch Director-San Diego-California

Mr. Bob Arscott
Security Guard Management
executive Director
Mr.  Walton
Public Relations Officer
Operations Manager-Western Regional

Ms. Angela S. Gist
Executive Director Central

Commander Russell  A. Lherisse
 Director of Operations Texas

Mr. Johnnie Jones Jr.
Business Developement Manager- East Coast

Mr. Robert G. Muhammad
Special Projects Manager

Mr. William F. Muhammad
Vice President & General Manager
International Services

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